About D & S Wholesale Auto

We are a dedicated group of professionals that take pride in knowing that we offer some of the safest and most road worthy vehicles in western New York.

Our Mission

We believe our mission is simple yet important. D & S Wholesale Auto prides itself on offering trulely reliable vehicles to its customers. To this end we are in their corner when it comes to their safety. All of our vehicles go through a rigorous testing period and all come with a new NYS inspection.

Our Experience

Since 2008, D & S Wholesale Auto has assisted many new car buyers find a vehicle that fits their general needs and budget. Through innovative purchasing we aquire our vehicles more advantageously. This translates into savings for our customers and only one reason we stand out from the crowd.

Professional Sales People

Our in-depth knowledge of the vehicle market, the love of cars and our willingness to help allows us to bring a hassle-free car buying experience.

Our Commitment

People who buy from D&S are investing in our commitment to offer higher quality vehicles that buyers enjoy year after year. We stand behind our vehicles and assist buyers every step of the way.

Our Guarantee

All of our cars come with a standard warranty and a new New York state inspection.